BLACKHAWK! Products Group™, founded in 1993 by President and CEO 'Mike Noell' (former Navy SEAL). BLACKHAWK!’s meticulous obsession with quality has made it the ops gear of choice for special Operation units worldwide. Mike Noell’s inspiration starts when he was operating 60 klicks inside Northern Iraq. He had to hump “ a ton” of gear by foot in an enemy minefield. The pack failed, dumping his gear into the mine-ridden ground, he said “ If I get out of this one alive, I will make this stuff the way it needs to be built so none of my buddies have to go through this.” So, he did.

BLACKHWAK! is a leading US manufacturer of tactical, military, shooting sports and law enforcement equipment. BLACKHAWK! is a global manufacturer of tactical gear, body armor, law enforcement duty gear, holsters, hydration systems, protective gloves and gear, apparel and footwear, knives, illumination tools, breaching tools, hunting gear, and recoil reducing stocks. BLACKHAWK! headquarters is in Norfolk, Virginia, with US manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, Montana, and Idaho.

For our clients we have in our showroom different Blackhawk products to be seen. Furthermore, we have, from our own stock, nearly all products deliverable. If products are not immediately available, we can deliver all products within about 3 weeks.

If you want to look at all our Blackhawk products, please click on Blackhawk Catalogus PDF.