Blackhawk has a extensive assortment of clothes. Favorite by our customers are the ‘High Performance Fighting Uniforms with I.T.S.’. I.T.S. stands for Integrated Tourniquet System. This means that there are four tourniquets in the pants and four tourniquets in the shirt. They are correctly positioned and oriented to the upper and lower extremities for immediate access under existing gear and can be operated by the wearer, a buddy or a medic.

Also favorite is the Warrior wear clothing line. Examples of this line are: 3-layer jacket system. The first layer is a lightweight training jacket, the second layer is a substantial warmth and has element protection in a lean, high-speed package, soft-shell. The third layer is water and windproof, breathable laminate hard-shell.

Blackhawk also sells tactical pants, shorts, shirts, Thermostatic clothes, underwear, t-shirts and caps.

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