Bags - Cases

Blackhawk has a wide range of different bags in his assortment. One of the bags is the ‘Battle Bag’. This ‘Battle Bag’ or ‘Grab-to-go-Bag’ – call it what you will, but you need one. Organize all of your warfighting necessities in this over-the-shoulder carry bag. Everything from comms, chem. Lights, concealed handgun, spare magazines, maps, GPS – all have a place in this bag to enhance your survivability.

Another bag is the ‘CIA Garment Travel Bag’. For years, Clandestine Operatives have had the luxury of custom garment bags with nooks and crannies for all sorts of stuff you’d rather keep hidden. Blackhawk has secured this design and constructed an innovative and enhanced version that is the most sophisticated executive travel garment bag on the planet. Repeatedly independently reviewed with comments such as “ surpasses anything else on the market”.

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