TBM Technisch Bureau H.A. Muller B.V. is a trading company. Our primary and traditional markets are the Dutch and European Military and Police markets. We have served a very loyal client base for over 60 years, now providing the best products and services possible.

TBM Technisch Bureau H.A. Muller B.V. has a daughtercompany DART-X. DART-X stands for Dutch Assault Reconnaissance Technology Expertise. DART-X develops and delivers the latest new technologies available on the market.

Employees from TBM and DART-X regularly visit events and exhibitions. In this way they are permanently aware of the latest developments. Constantly looking for new applications for our professional clients like the Military en the Police.

The latest development and innovation is the multi functional platform "Range Robot". This is a complete remote controlled combat shooting system. The Range Robot is reviewed by our clients as new, progressive, sparkling and practice focussed. Range Robot will bring snipers to a higher training level and train them to practice oriented shooters.

But there are also other new technologies which are important to our clients. Above are a few products from our range.

If you are looking for something special, please let us know. We will search for  possibilities for our costumers. With an appointment you can also visit our showroom. We are pleased to show you what we know and what products we have.

For further information you can contact TBM Technisch Bureau H.A. Muller B.V. at +31 488-468130 or by email