Unmanned marine vehicle

ASV Ltd designs and constructs unmanned marine vehicle systems. Used in both commercial and military applications, these craft are particularly effective for time-consuming or dangerous operations such as surveillance, hydrographic survey, gunnery training and mine-hunting.

Fast Marine Target Drones (FMTD) System

Designed and built for training naval personnel to combat the threat of attack from multi-vehicle fast inshore attack craft, the ASV FMTD is a high speed, cost-effective expendable target.

The craft is designed allowing rapid damage assessment, ease of repair and low environmental impact on final destruction/disposal. The control system provides for multi-vehicle, close-quarters operations with good situational awareness and has been used up to a range of 10 km.

Multi-vehicle ASV FMTD batches have been delivered to and operated for the UK MOD during 2007/08. Used as a low cost but capable unmanned surface vehicle (USV) it has also been applied to other high-risk activities.

The technical specifications you can find in the brochure.