REBS was established as a business area back in 2005 as a result of developments done in cooperation with Norwegian Defense Establishment and Norwegian forces. Designed for marine operations in the North Sea this equipment is fitted for the worst possible operational conditions.

Continuous development of the REBS area over the past years has resulted in a complete package of boarding and entry equipment for both marine and urban operations. REBS has three product lines: ladders, hooks and launchers.

It is much quicker to enter a ship or a building using a climbing ladder than using a soft ladder. This carbon fibre climbing ladder is developed by the Norwegian Forces. Strength, robustness and weight are the main factors for building a stealth fast ladder like this. The ladder can be used from a boat or by divers entering a ship. It is also well qualified for entering buildings through verandas or windows high up.

REBS Grapnel Hooks for boarding, reaching a higher advantage point or climbing and accessing buildings. These hooks are made with high quality materials and good craftsmanship to ensure great strength and durability. All hooks are tested and approved before they leave the factory.

H. Henriksen Mek. is well known for it's hook production all over the world.

The REBS Launcher is the perfect tool for entering buildings, bridges, ships, platforms or cliffs and for crossing ravines or rivers, both in military and rescue settings. It provides a incredible reach and versatility. The REBS Launcher is salt water resistant (anti-corrosion) and the construction requires very little 1st and 2nd line maintenance.
REBS Launcher is powered by pressured air, mainly for safety reasons, relatively low noise, and for easy loading with the same filling system as diving bottles.