Range Robot

The Range Robot Combat Shooting System has been developed over 5 years in conjunction with TBM Holland and various military units and European Special Forces.

By forcing and pushing the shooter to be aware of his surrounding environment, with the involvement and use of innocent targets on the range, we are creating a No-Shoot hazard with every single shot the shooter considers or attempts to take. The shooter is forced to open his eyes and to consider each shot. As a result it is no longer simply about shooting but thinking and then taking a well judged shot.

At the end of each session 3 scores or results are calculated in order to assess and qualify the shooter in a much more realistic way when compared to simply measuring a ring or group of shots on a target. The Shooter will immediately identify his weaknesses and strengths.

One single Range Robot alone will turn any small indoor/outdoor shooting range into a battle ground and as such the users combat shooting skills will immediately begin to prove. However, in order to train and practice for most realistic combat scenario’s a larger Range Robot System would be required in order to train realistically for such scenario’s as hostage taking, persuing target, suicide bomber etc.

The technical specifications you can find in the brochure.

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