Urban Inflatables

Battlefield Sim is a new division of Battlefield Sports, a company formed in Australia in 1998 to meet the demands of the high-end outdoor combat simulation gaming market.

The aim of Battlefield Sim is to provide realistic, flexible and affordable 'Small Arms' training solutions for the professional military, police and security sectors. Using exciting new ideas, cutting edge technology and a common sense approach, Battlefield Sim has developed a revolutionary range of affordable cost-effective products and solutions to meet small scale training demands from CQB urban up to company level exercises.

Urban Inflatables
Unique simplicity, instant build training structures that can be used over and over again recreating real simulated buildings.
The inflatable walls are built to the highest standard. Underneath the removeable heavy duty skin, the internal structure uses the same concept as a bicyle tyre, once it is inflated it will stay up. This tough rubber will keep performing.