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All users when training with any type of equipment involving the application of personal and full physical force should be given the opportunity to identify the following:

There are very few people that understand they’re own physical striking power or the possible lack of personal strike power.
The personal cost to the trainee and his employer of not being allowed to identify his or her own full force strike capability in a live action will nearly always be that of panic and worst of all the possible over use or a scenario of a Panic Whipping action with the Baton against the suspect which of course when viewed by an outsider would be instantly regarded as Police Brutality.

It is essential that the trainee when learning how to use any sort of physical force by means of the use of such items as batons that the trainee should be made aware of his or her limitations or even excesses of over striking a suspect by means of coaching during any full force objective training.

Numb John from DUMMIES UNLIMITED Inc. has been developed as an aid to any training department where the use of full physical impact and strike force is a training objective for the user.
This product’s material is durable enough to withstand thousands of full force strikes with a baton, soft enough to punch with the hand, ignorant enough to be taser-ed, willing enough to be pepper sprayed.
John is capable of the One strike and Stop on the correct and legal area of the suspects body whilst at the same time using the correct standard procedures without the need for repetitive strikes or whipping of the suspect with the baton.

The use of striking targets such as hanging punch bags or other targets without arms and legs for the use of baton training in most ways pushes the officer to disregard or not think of the area’s where the baton can be legally or efficiently used and it then follows that the officer is required to think or panic when faced with a live scenario and most of all whilst using a baton to strike a suspect.