Blackhawk has a variety of holsters for everyday use. The Blackhawk holster collection features the patented design Level 2 and Level 3 SERPA that are sized to fit most weapons, including Glock, Beretta, Sig, H&K and Ruger weapons of various calibers.

Tactical holster level 3 SERPA is available for most weapons used by law enforcement and military professionals. The arm and thigh holster can also be assembled in a quick disconnect setup using the SERPA Quick Disconnect system components to the SERPA holster.

The Blackhawk nylon holsters have a lightweight flexible design perfect for the outdoors, concealed or open carry. This makes it possible to carry an extra weapon in a shoulder holster, hip or pocket holster.

Leather holsters from Blackhawk feature superior quality, comfort and durability. These holsters come in a wide variety of styles, including the pancake holster.

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