Less lethal weapons

Besides the regular conventional weapons TBM also provides less-lethal products; weapons, or systems, which are designed for people who are sedated or be forced to stop, with minimize harm.

Taser X-2
The X2 is simple to use and similar in size to the Taser X26, however, the X2 has several advantages over the X26. Due to its double shot capacity, an operator is able to shoot two targets or to recover quickly from a miss. Not only the shot capacity is double, there is also a dual laser which improves the accuracy. Another feature of the X2 is the Current Metering, which measures and accurately delivers the precise amount of current. These aspects make the Taser X2 the most customer driven device ever developed by Taser.
The Dutch police will be using the X2 shortly.

Click here for a comparison between the X26, X2 and X3.

B&T GL-06 40mm launcher
Launcher on the market today are designed originally to be 37/38 mm gas launchers with just a 40 mm barrel attached or a HE launcher that was designed to be mounted on another weapon rifle like a “underslung” system. Many professional users became frustrated with inaccuracy, lack of ergonomics and limited scope of the weapon. They eventually demanded a standalone launcher modern enough that all modern less lethal munitions could be used safely and accurately. The weapon had to be compact, lightweight, and precise, with plenty of rail interfaces for mounting accessories such a s lights, vertical handgrips and laser aiming devices. This all resulted in the GL-06.

FN Herstal FN303
The FN303 has a 15 round magazine which fires semi-auto and allows for rapid multiple engagements. The FN303 is a very light, and extremely easy to operate weapon. Using compressed air to launch projectiles, it gives no flash, very little sound and almost no recoil. This all enables the FN303 to be extremely accurate at 25 meter, and had a very high probability of precise torso hits at 50 meters. The FN303 can even be used at ranges up to 100 meters.

Use of the FN303 might be crowd control by using different sorts of available projectiles.

NEW: the FN303P (link)