Chemring is a global group that specializes in the manufacture of energetic material products and countermeasures. They provide solutions for highly demanding customer requirements in defence, security and safety markets based on advanced technologies.
Chemring focuses primarily on four divisions; Defence, EOD, Energetic Devices and Countermeasures.

ALS (AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems) manufactures less lethal munitions. From the ALS’s range, TBM offers the Triton Stabilized, a 12 gauge Tri-Tail Stabilized 40 gram ballistic bag. The Triton was developed to overcome the shortcomings of conventional bean bag ammunition. The cotton/kevlar material is used to provide an enhanced ballistic profile while providing integrity upon impact. This round remains in a more aerodynamic configuration due to the three tail design. The aerodynamic design virtually eliminates missed target zones caused by errant projectiles, greatly reducing spinning or fluttering shot after shot and the ballistic trajectory remains pure.

Primetake specialises in 12 Gauge ammunition with a variety of payloads for military, police and other customers. They also design and manufacture other specialist ammunition and equipment to specific customer requirements. Primetake prides itself on high, quality, precise, reliable products.

Hirtenberger is the expert when it comes to 60mm mortar grenades and their mortars. From 1860 Hirtenberger has been active in the development of munitions and mortars and are qualified by NATO.