Pepperspray en practice spray

In our range we have several sorts of sprays of the brand Sabre, part of the Security Equipment Corporation. These sprays are available in different sized canisters and different contents.

The small size sprays can be used in an arrest of a suspect, who opposed to his arrest.

The sprays in large size are designed to overpower disperse groups or someone in a certain area. By spraying under a door, the suspect is easy to master.

Obviously it is very important to take action, if you yourself have come into contact with a spray. To clean your face quickly and to remove and avoid chemical reactions, we have two excellent products.

The Sabre Decon Cleanse removes chemicals from the skin and prevent further penetration into the pores or spread to other body parts.

The Sabre Decon Soothe should be used after cleaning with Sabre Decon Cleanse. The Sabre Soothe Decon reduces the chance of a chemical rash reaction.

NEW: the “gel” sprays. This prevents sputtering and can be better deployed to hit a target more intense.