Stop Stick

Stop Stick produces tire-deflation devices for (high-speed) pursuits. The deployment can be properly done well ahead of an approaching target vehicle. Officers can stand on a safe distance due to the attached cord reel (24m), which furthermore enables the officer to control the position of the device. The Teflon-coated quills penetrate the tire(s) and act as valves, releasing air at a safe and controlled rate.

The plastic housing of the Stop Stick provides safety for the officer during deployment and removal from the roads. The Stop Sticks can be deployed grouped in a 2.7m (3 sticks) or 3.7m (4 sticks) sleeve. This in-sleeve deployment allows the officer to throw the device from a safe distance from the road and adjust the deployment place with the cord reel. The Stop Stick can be deployed any side facing down due to its multi-directional spikes. The full set (sleeve (2.7m or 3.7m), 3 or 4 sticks and cord reel) can be placed on a storage rack which can be easily mounted on the trunk of a (police) car. This ensures an easy access and quick deployment. The Stop Stick sticks can be used on virtually all vehicles including cars, buses and trailers. Furthermore, the sticks can be used on a variety of terrain.

Stop Stick tire-deflation devices are individually engineered and constructed to respond to the specific needs of law enforcement in stopping a moving vehicle or preventing movement of a stationary vehicle