Tactical protection

AKAH lexaan shield
The AKAH lexaan shield is rectangular in shape with the dimensions: 950mm x 590mm x 4mm. It is made out of polycarbonate and is transparent. This shield can be worn both left and right handed. The shield can be equipped with lights and is especially deployable for police dog units.

Intruder shield
Shield with NIJ 0108.01 Type IIIA protection which is vacuum-formed for greater durability. The viewport (10.16cm x 45.72cm), curved for optimal peripheral vision, protects against multiple shots. The shield is manufactured out of high-performance polyethylene fibre and has a 18” curvature to add protection against angled shots. It has a horizontal ambidextrous handle to increase use without fatigue. The measurements are 50.8cm x 86.36cm and the shield has LED lights.

The C-Shield product portfolio provides a comprehensive range of ballistic protection systems delivering proven maritime force protection to both personnel and critical infrastructure. Designed to defeat asymmetric and conventional threats, the level of protection can be supplied in accordance with International Standards or bespoke against specific theatres or operation. An example is the C-BASS (Ballistic Amphibious Shield System), a compact, lightweight and modular shield system for amphibious use. Operators can conduct surface or subsurface insertions and can tactically deploy C-BASS for protection in the water and above.