Blackhawk Dynamic Entry, the industry leader in manual tactical entry tools, is proud to introduce the first line ever of collapsible entry tools. Combining years of research and development with input from operators in the field, the new Collapsible Tool Series meets and exceeds the legendary durability standards.

The Collapsible Tool is very compact for transport and operations in confined spaces. A durable molded handgrip provides exceptional grip in cold, damp and extreme weather conditions.

Besides the various models of rams, we supply the BoltMaster Series, the finest available cutters anywhere. There are also complete entry kits and bags available for comfortable transport.

Sigma has two products which are very suitable for single man operations and designed for use in confined spaces.

The Enforcer is 16kg of hardened steel combined with a unique design that impacts at over 3.5 tons means that most residential doors, even if they're reinforced, will submit within 1-2 seconds. The Enforcer is able to open inward doors fitted with up to seven different locks, bolts and chains with a single blow.

The Ripper is built according to extremely high standards, the Ripper has a unique ratchet mechanism that allows multiple pulls at a door without resetting the head. This tool allows fast and effective entry to outward opening doors in about 10-20 seconds.