Training support

Redman Suit
Providing the ability to conduct realistic training courses that provide experiences across the entire use-of-force spectrum, RedMan provides the highest level of protection from blunt force trauma available on the market today. RedMan has earned this leading position through its partnerships with law enforcement professionals, correction facility personnel and other industry leaders who have consistently provided feedback on our gear.

Shocknife Inc. whose sole objective is to revolutionize the edged weapon training industry with the only training knife that induces the necessary stress required for realistic edged weapon training. Shocknife is designed to improve tactical knife defense training in law enforcement, military, and corrections markets around the world. The Shocknife uses electrical stimulation to trick the brain into believing the body has been cut without actually cutting the skin.

Ring's training weapons, known as "Firearm Simulators" or an adopted name of "BLUEGUNS ", are so exact in size and dimension that many holster, grip & laser manufacturers use them to display their own products. Ring's believes that in order to get proper safe tactical training you need to use a training divise aid that has the look and feel of your personal weapon.

LSTK Hammerhead
Instead of striking a flat,soft,unrealistic focus glove,strike something that exactly feels like the human head.It is easy to use and durable,perfect for reality-based,law enforcement,and woman's self-defence training.

Stressvest is the world's first non projectile, force on force, firearms tactical training system that creates stress during training. The system utilizes a training firearm that fires a laser pulse which activates the StressVest when on target. The StressVest will deliver a vibration to role players or a safe localized stun to the waistline of students. See this link for pictures and videos about Stressvest.