Ballistic vests

Overt armour is to be worn above normal clothing. Depending on its style, it can be clearly recognizable as a deterrent to assailants, or designed to form part of a corporate uniform. Wearing the ballistic vests over the normal clothing could have benefits such as recognition, easy to use and it is possible to quickly enhance the protection level by adding hard armour plates.

EURO 2000/1 vest
The EURO 2000/1 ballistic vest, with class 1 (NPN) protection is only to be sold to vts Politie Nederland. TBM delivers these vests already for a long period for the Dutch police. The EURO 2000/1 vest largly complies to the strict demands set by vts Politie Nederland. This vest has many good wearing qualities and is extremely suited to be worn over regular clothing. Furthermore, the EURO 2000/1 vest is available in different sizes for both men and women and could be “upgraded” with ballistic plates in every shape and protection class.

Covert body armour is designed to be worn discreetly beneath normal clothing. Furthermore, it is also designed that it is comfortable to wear for extended periods and offers the best compromise between protecting vital parts, comfort for the user and manoeuvrability.

All ballistic vests which TBM offers are tested by TNO and approved.

Anti-stab vests

Anti-stab vests are in different protection classes, due to this it is only possible to, in consultation with TBM, order a anti-stab vest which suits your work and its accompanying threats. Anti-stab vests could for example be used by; police officers, ambulance staff, bus drivers etc.